Karan Johar To Bring Shahrukh & Aamir Together?

srk with Aamir


The distant dream of seeing the two reigning superstars of Bollywood (for almost two decades now), Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan together on-screen may soon get accomplished. As our prolific and visionary filmmaker, Karan Johar has expressed the desire to the cast the duo in his film (in near future).
Lately at the music launch of Aamir Khan’s much touted film PEEPLI [LIVE], KJo, who was there to grace the event, revealed, "Aamir Khan is a very good actor. I would love to do a film with Shahrukh Khan and him."
Aamir Khan was also positive on doing a film with Karan Johar.
"Why not? I think Karan is a very talented director. I would love to work with him. If there is a good story for me and if Karan also feels that I fit the role, I will do it," said the perfectionist.
It can be recalled that the Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan have come together on screen only once in Ashutosh Gowariker’s directorial debut, PEHLA NASHA. But those were merely cameos.
Now that it comes from someone like Karan Johar, you can bet that they aren’t just words and the project will materialize. Let’s hope that it happens soon.