Vidya Balan: I Would Prefer Son Like Abhishek

Vidya Balan2

Vidya Balan, who plays Amitabh Bachchan’s mother in “Paa”, was so impressed by Abhishek’s caring behaviour towards his father during the shooting that she confesses she would like to have a son like Abhishek in real life.

“I would prefer a son like Abhishek. I have seen him with his father on the sets… he was so nice to his father that I was touched,” Vidya told reporters here Saturday.

Director R. Balakrishnan’s “Paa” is an emotional story of a father-son relationship and Amitabh will be seen as Abhishek’s 13-year-old son Auro who is suffering from a rare disease progeria, that accelerates ageing. The film releases Dec 4.

“The film is all about Auro and all through the film there is a certain sensibility about Auro, but no sympathy is shown towards the 13-year-old progeric child in the film,” said Vidya.

When the director approached her for the role, she wasn’t sure about playing the mother of a progeric child. “Initially, I wondered how to do the role as I didn’t have that motherly instinct. But while working on the film I realised what motherhood is,” said Vidya.