Akshay Kumar : I Copy Common People


Akshay Kumar’s just released “Housefull” has broken the dry spell at the box office by earning Rs.64 crore in the opening weekend worldwide. The star says the secret of his success as a comedian is that he mimics common people around for most of his roles.

“The expression that you see are mostly stolen from the faces of common people. Normally mimicry is done of big actors, but it is fun to mimic those people who have no connection with this industry. So I copy common people without copyright (laughs),” Akshay, 42, told IANS in an interview.

“I travel a lot. Recently, I got stuck at the Frankfurt airport because of the volcano ashes incident. I had to wait long. So I sat down and looked around and people have something to offer. It’s amazing just to register that and sometimes while playing a character, suddenly that comes out and you start acting like that person. That’s what’s called mimicry,” he added.