Abhishek: Big B is a troublesome kid In Paa

Amitabh Bachchan12

Well that’s what Amitabh’s onscreen father,Abhishek in Paa has to say about his 13-year-old kid.

Abhishek says, “Amitabh was a very troublesome child all through the film.”

There’s also a scene in the movie where Abhishek gives a piggyback ride to Big B.

Director Balki says, “Abhishek did it in one take. He carried his father effortlessly across the vast field. We shot the sequence near Cambridge in England at a place called Bury St Edmunds.”

Big B also talks about the piggyback scene, he says, “Carrying me piggyback was Abhishek’s job. Jaya and I merely produced a strong boy! No, the most tedious part of playing the 12-year-old boy in Paa was the makeup. I had to sit still for 4-5 hours every morning without moving, eating or even drinking water. For a sunrise shot I had to be up from 11 am the previous night doing the makeup to be able to shoot on time the next morning.”

Paa will be hitting the theaters on 13th November. What is your verdict folks? Paa will be a hit or miss?