Hrithik Flooded With Tweets Of His Fans

Hrithik Roshan_2

Hrithik Roshan is one of those Bollywood stars who just love to share every bit of his experiences with his fans via the micro blogging site Twitter.
However, little must he have realized that his fans would follow every word of his Twitter with such minute details and take his tweets so seriously. Thus, recently when Hrithik had tweeted about one guy who had watched the movie Guzaarish on a pirated DVD, there was an several feed backs from his fans on this guy who dared to do such a thing.
Hrithik Roshan was reportedly quite surprised to read a flood of messages supporting him in the drive against the use of pirated DVDs. However, things reached such alarming heights that finally the star was forced to ask his fans to take a chill pill and let things be.
Well, speaking of Hrithik Roshan and his popularity with his fans, he really seems to be one of the most popular stars and one who is closely followed by his die hard fans, irrespective of the fact whether his films do well or not at the box office. Now that’s what we call a true star!