Hrithik Misses MJ

Hrithik Roshan4

Bollywood’s best dancer Hrithik Roshan has been in a state of shock since the death of his idol King of Pop Michael Jackson. Hrithik who was shooting in Singapore during MJ’s demise was sad to know that his dancing idol was no more.

Hrithik says,“It’s unbelievable, it hasn’t yet sunk it!.He was an inspiration to every entertainer. People wanted to become dancers just by watching Michael Jackson him perform. ‘Thriller’ was my absolute favourite, and still is… ”

Hrithik’s sister, Sunaina adds,“Hrithik has been a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson since he was a child. Hrithik must be 8-9 years old when he used to imitate Jackson’s moonwalk. I remember the moment ‘Thriller’ used to play Hrithik used to be up doing a Michael Jackson. It was Michael Jackson’s music videos that introduced Hrithik to western dancing. Hrithik used to do a Michael Jackson whichever party he went to.”

Well in the world of showbiz, the show always goes on “And Michael Jackson, too, will continue to live in every beat of music,” says Hrithik.