Imran Khan loves Ferrari

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Imran Khan is a huge fan of cars, especially hot models like Ferrari, BMW etc etc, so when he spotted a vintage Ferrari at his recent outing for a photoshoot in London, he made sure that the classic car was used as a prop in one his photos.

A source reveals, “They were shooting in heritage locations across London. The vintage car caught Imran’s attention and he immediately stopped to admire it. He then walked up to the owner of the car and introduced himself. In no time, the two started discussing the make and history of the car.”

“Imran then convinced the owner to lend him the car for the shoot. Given Imran’s palpable excitement, the owner had no choice but to give in to his request. The owner was so bowled over by the fact that Imran was posing with his car that he clicked the actor’s pictures on his mobile to show it to his wife.”

Behind the lens man, photographer Avinash Gowarikar reliving the experience says, “We were first going to shoot in a park. But once Imran spotted the Ferrari, he refused to budge. He learnt some interesting details about the car. It was a 1956 model and had won 150 races. The owner had even attached all the winning tags to the gear rod. Imran convinced the owner to let us use the car. We were lucky as it made for a very good picture.”

Imran explaining his passion for cars says, “I know a lot about cars and so the owner and me hit it off really well. He was totally ok with our shooting with his car.”

Well this photo does make us go crazy and vroooom!