Ranbir Kapoor’s Double Treat

You must have liked his dual roles in the recent Pepsi ad. Now Ranbir Kapoor is again gearing up to give a double treat to his fans, that too in a film.

Ranbir Kapoor5
One actor, two characters, and we love the mystery involved. Ranbir gets to play two distinct roles in ‘Mera Jahaan’ – one is a man who belongs to the 1950s era, and another is a guy of recent times. The story of the film is dabout a comic-book writer who has his own perceptions of the world and is completely lost in his own world. That is the reason why movie is named ‘Mera Jahaan’ or My World.
And director Vikramjeet Singh has roped Deepika Padukone opposite Ranbir. In fact, initially the makers had approached Sonam Kapoor , but she had turned down the offer.

The movie is to be produced by Sameer Rattonsey’s company Cinema Paradiso. Sameer discloses that Ranbir will try different looks for the film, as his character grows from being someone of young age to old. He also admitted that movie is not going to be a typical Bollywood masala film.
It’s another film for Ranbir where he would be seen in a different look. He has donned pagdi and beard for Shimit Amin’s Rocket Singh and is looking very much like a Sikh man. And his geek look in Pepsi ad came as a funny surprise.
Talking about double roles this year, there are Bollywood films where actors and actresses will be seen not only in double roles but in many roles. Shahid Kapur twin character is the USP of Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey . Then Priyanka Chopra has not one but 12 unique and different looks in the movie What’s Your Raashi .