Salman Demands 50 Lakhs To Come in "Coffee With Karan 3"

salman khan_1

Karan Johar’s TV Show "Coffee With Karan Season 3" is getting great popularity. Its a show in which different Bollywood Stars are invited to talk about their Careers and lives. Different Bollywood Stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika are invited till now in the show by Karan.
Recently Karan Johar Phoned Bollywood Bad Boy Salman Khan to Invite him in the show but Karan was shocked to listen when Salman demanded 50 Lakhs to come in the show. Karan Johar told Salman that all the Stars are coming for free in this show. Salman replied i also don,t need this money for myself but my welfare organization Being Human.  After listening this Karan Johar got ready to pay Salman 50 Lakhs Rs.  So as the things have settled down between Salman and Karan so we must expect to see Salman soon in Coffee With Karan 3 Show.