Salman Warns Kareena Against Losing More Weight!


Salman Khan6 Salman Khan was at his humorous best on the sets of his forthcoming TV show 10 Ka Dum as he bonded with his star contestants Karisma Kapur and Kareena Kapoor. Known for his dedication to his fitness regime, Salman had some words of advice for Kareena, who has lost a lot of weight in the past in her bid to flaunt an eye-popping figure.

"Be careful not to lose too much weight. Men like women with some weight," he told Kareena, adding, "Women who lose too much weight begin to look hard in the face and that’s not attractive. Don’t stand in front of a fan. You might just fly away."

Kareena just sportingly flaunted a smile. Salman then went a step ahead to first compliment Karisma and then commented at her near-perfect figure. Salman and Karisma have a long list of flop films together and he had no qualms listing them all in front of the audiences too. Jokingly he told the audience, "One film with me turned her career — she became a big star."