‘Ra.One’ idea Lifted From Rajni’s ‘Robot’?


The basic plot of SRK’s ‘Ra.One’ has heavy influence of Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot’.
Coincidence or a planned strategy – Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One seems to be hugely influenced by Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot’. The similarity between the two films goes beyond the resemblance in appearance of robots ‘Chetti’ and ‘G.One’.
One look at the ‘Ra.One’ poster and you are instantly reminded of Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot’ but the latest is that just like Rajni, SRK too has a double role in this super hero flick. And hang on! The similarity goes a step further. Just like Rajni’s characters of a scientist and a robot, SRK too will play a scientist who creates robots ‘G.One’ and ‘Ra.One’.
SRK plays the good robot ‘G.One’ while Arjun Rampal will be seen as the bad guy ‘Ra.One’. Not just this, ‘Ra.One’ is portrayed as a robot that behaves like humans which is again a character of Rajni’s ‘Chetti’.

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