SRK says India and Pakistan are one

Shahrukh Khan12

Bollywood baadshah Shahrukh Khan was recent honored with a doctorate for his exceptional achievement as a film actor and a producer and that’s when he said that India-Pakistan are not different but one.

SRK said, “We belong to – I know it’s a bit of a cliche but – one world. Specifically I think, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka — all of us, we’re the same. I really believe we are the same.”

“My mother is from Hyderabad in India and father is from Peshawar (in Pakistan). So I do believe in this (cultural unity).

“Especially when you come away from India or Pakistan you realise there is no Indian or Pakistani — we’re all together. We are – culturally, as human beings, as friends. These are the aspects that keep us together.

“As far as the (government) agendas are concerned, let them go on.”

SRK also expressed his desire to go to Pakistan, where his family resides.