Suniel Shetty : Only Rahul Gandhi Can Rescue Hockey

Sunil Shetty3

Bollywood star Suniel Shetty feels Congress MP Rahul Gandhi should step in to save the sport from the “doldrums”.

“Only Rahul Gandhi with his initiative and youth power can rescue hockey from the doldrums. Otherwise the game is doomed,” Suniel told IANS.

Suniel intends to request Rahul Gandhi to bring a sense of direction to the game.

The fiasco on Saturday at the sports event hosted in Chandigarh by the AMR Sports Foundation, where the national hockey players apparently asked for Rs.500 million at the eleventh hour to play at the event, has not left Suniel disillusioned or discouraged.

“See, what happened in Chandirgarh was really sad. I don’t know what happened between the event’s organisers and our boys from the national hockey team. If they really asked for the money, then they shouldn’t have.

“But think of it from their point of view. Hockey players in our country are still so underpaid. They’re under so much pressure from their family to give up hockey and do something more paying. How long can our players withstand the financial press