Sunny Deol Takes Legal Action Against A Radio Station

Sunny Deol1

Sunny Deol held a press meet yesterday for taking a legal action against a radio station for spoiling the image of the Deol family. He along with his lawyer were present at the venue addressing what went wrong.

Big 92 FM is the radio station that use to run a small section called Son Sunny where the voices of Sunny and Dharmendra were imitated. The content lampooned Sunny and Dharmendra, which made the listeners laugh.

Sunny did not like the idea of FM Radio making fun of his family and stated that, “We all are from the same industry, why to do such things. I was getting call from every where about such show on radio and this has upset my whole family.”

When asked of how many crore rupees they are slapping on the radio channel, Sunny evasively replied, “That you need to ask my lawyer.” “Though I am not here to fight and if the radio station is ready to be sorry of what they did, I may forgive them,” he concludes.