Aishwarya Gets Unhappy These Days?

Aishwarya Rai14

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may be garnering a lot of attention by featuring in the beauty soap advertisement with hubby Abhishek, but she is troubled these days. The actress is fuming because of director Vipul Shah, who has taken undue advantage with her role in ‘Action Replay’. And so now the Bachchan Bahu, who had every reason to be happy, has refused to dub for the film.

The latest Bollywood news comes as a surprise because the actress is known to be a thorough professional. However, she took the harsh decision after seeing the rushes of the film in which her role seems ignoble. The film also stars Vipul Shah’s favourite star – Akshay Kumar.
Although sources close to Ash have said that Vipul Shah’s commitment to ‘London Dreams’ stalled ‘Action Replay’, and that the actress is not being difficult but insiders say that things are far from normal. The green eyed beauty is seeing red.