Asin: It’s Great To Be in Chennai


One of Kollywood’s most charming heroines, who has recently turned a national diva, Asin was in Chennai yesterday as brand ambassador to Tata Sky. In fact, she had also come to meet fans of her from across south India, who had participated and won in the Dinner with Asin contest.

Dressed in a stunning violet gown, the actress patiently took questions and flashed her trademark wide grin while posing to the media. I am very happy to be back in Chennai, she said, adding that she was looking forward to do a Tamil film, and was waiting for the right script.

Admitting to being a cricket fan, Asin said she records her matches and watches them one she is back from shooting. Speaking about the commercials she had shot for Tata Sky, Asin said they were a lot of fun and she could shoot most of them with one take. In that way, shooting an ad is a lot easier than shooting a film, she said in chaste Tamil.

Explaining that she had agreed to do only two more films, 19 Steps, apart form the almost completed London Dreams, Asin also stated that there were a lot of similarities between her Hindi and Tamil Ghajini costars, Aamir Khan and Surya. “Both of them are thorough professionals and always keep thinking of their work only, said the actress.