Dia Mirzas Teeth Think Laterally?

The very lovely Dia Mirza dropped in for a very late night tete-a-tete at the ZOOM office, looking like a million bucks in a hot white dress.

Yet the gal looked ‘pained’? Why?Definitely not at some of the very ‘ouch’ questions we asked her; the reason was something else. Mainly her two ‘wisdom’ teeth that are growing and cutting deep into her pink gums, causing her much agony.

No dahlings, we haven’t turned dentists all of a sudden. The gal told us so herself. “You know” she grimaced, “My wisdom teeth are behaving very strangely. Instead of growing vertically, they’re growing horizontally.

And cutting into my gums. I’m in pain all the time. If this persists, I may have to remove them surgically,” said the pretty heroine of Alibaug and Acid Factory. Now look at the brighter side Dia.

If your ‘wisdom’ teeth are growing horizontally, think of how much of a ‘lateral’ thinker you have become? Though we sympathise, we cannot help laughing ‘toothily’ at that one. Right Tooth Fairy?


Dia Mirza1