Freida Pinto Dumps Boyfriend For Dev Patel?

Freida Pinto, who shot to fame with the success of her film “Slumdog Millionaire”, has dumped her boyfriend of four years.

According to reports 24-year-old Rohan is upset and is convinced she will come back. The two met at St. Xavier’s University in Mumbai and soon came very close.

A friend said: “They were really into each other. Rohan would do anything for Freida. They were best pals as well as lovers. While together he helped her develop her website, did publicity and marketing for her and even fixed her dresses before the fashion shoots.”

“Freida called off the engagement after the film took off. She could never have imagined how rapidly her career would grow and it’s all been overwhelming.

Since the release of the film, she’s hardly been in Mumbai and even when she is, she’s too busy working. Whether it’s permanent or temporary she’s not sure, but for now they are not together. But Rohan took it very badly.

He is cut up about it now and hoping they will get back together. He has still not changed his relationship status on Facebook – it still says he is engaged. But no one else believes she will come back now. She is off pursuing her dreams.”

There are rumours that the 24-year-old Pinto and her 18-year-old co-star Dev Patel are more than friends. Patel had earlier said: “She is very beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Everyone’s agreed on that. But there’s no romance, no.”