Is Lara Dutta Insecure Over Blue?

Is actress Lara Dutta insecure over Bollywood movie Blue is what industry insiders are wondering. She may be be playing the main female lead in the film but she seems to be feeling threatened and losing sleep over Katrina Kaif’s special appearance in the film claim a few industry sources.

Sources are claiming that she wants to see the rushes of Blue and is requesting the makers for the same. Sources reveal, "Katrina was a last minute addition to the film reportedly on recommendation of good friend Akshay Kumar who is amongst the three male leads of the film along with Sanjay Dutt and zayed khan. Apart from a lavish song a few scenes too were shot on her. But as reports have began pouring out that her role has increased since she enjoys a bigger star status, Lara is feeling mighty insecure.”

“As it is the film is a full on male bonding film and Lara though playing a significant character is relegated to the back seat as compared to her male counterparts. As it is the entire first round of publicity for the film was hogged by Internationally famous pop singer Kylie Minogue. Lara’s bikini clad pictures splashed all over the media too haven’t done the trick for her either.”

“Her last release Billu too saw the trio of Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone hogging all the publicity when in fact she had a bigger n better role in the film. She doesn’t want the same to happen here over Katrina and Kylie. So in a way her feeling insecure is justified," sources add.

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