Priyanka Chopra-Hurman Baweja back together?

Priyanka Chopra4

Well, well. Look who is cosying up to former boyfriend Hurman Baweja. Last week, the cast and crew of the Priyanka Chopra-Hurman starrer What’s Your Raashee? witnessed something rather interesting. The actress, who recently broke up with Shahid Kapoor, was seen enjoying the company of her former lover Hurman Baweja in Khandala. The duo didn’t leave each other’s side at a party held after the shoot.

A source present at the party said, “Hurman and Priyanka were shooting for a song for What’s Your Raashee? in the outskirts of Mumbai. Only this rain song was left to be shot before officially wrapping up the film’s shoot schedule. After we packed up late in the night, we decided to have a party at a bungalow nearby in Khandala. Hurman and Priyanka too decided to attend the party.”

“While everyone had a great time, the most noticeable were Hurman and Priyanka. The two had eyes only for each other throughout the party, which went on for almost four hours. As Priyanka and Hurman sat there chatting and relaxing, everyone could see the sparks flying between them. The former lovers had a great time together,” added the source.

While Hurman admitted he attended the party, he refused to say anything more. Are you planning to get back together, guys? And is Shahid, well and truly in the past?