Shilpa: I Want To Be A Mom

Shilpa Shetty12

Shilpa Shetty-Kundra – that’s how she wants to be known now – feels she’s on top of the world. “Thank God, I plan to get married only once! This has been the most exhausting week of my life .

And also the happiest. I’ve waited so long for my wedding. Outwardly, the only thing that’s different is the choodas, and the way I’m dressed. Inside me, everything feels the same. I’ve known Raj for so long that it feels no different otherwise,” says the not-so-blushing bride!

“I have a severe jaw ache from all the smiling at the reception. Now I know why my colleagues avoid wedding receptions! It really does get impossible to manage the entire crowd,” she adds. Apparently, there were more gatecrashers at the reception than guests. “At the wedding too, there were people climbing trees and walls to take photographs,” Shilpa giggles. “But it was a far more intimate, private and controlled affair than the reception. Shamita kept saying that she felt she was part of a Punjabi wedding sequence from a movie!”
After her effervescent laughter finally subsides, Shilpa says soberly, “The wedding was very traditional and simple. I felt I was going through a dream. My marriage was exactly the way I had imagined it.” The Kundras will now leave for their honeymoon, followed by a Mediterranean cruise for the entire family. Says Shilpa happily, “We’re going to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. Then after we return, Raj is taking our entire family, all the Shettys and the Kundras, on a Mediterranean cruise for Christmas. He thought everyone needed a break.”

And where does Mrs Kundra plan to live now, Mumbai, or London? “I have to get acquainted with Raj’s circle of friends in London, get used to socialising with them.Yes, we’ll have two homes now. In any case, I was always travelling to and fro. Now I’ll be doing this even more! I have my film-production company in Mumbai. So I can’t be in London only.”
Talk about motherhood, and Shilpa’s all eager, “Oh yes! I certainly want to be a mother. I can’t wait to start our family.”