Shilpa Now Reveals Some Of Her Secrets On Twitter


Shilpa Shetty has always been admired as well as envied in and out of Bollywood for her perfect figure. Right from her debut in Baazigar she has been receiving compliments for her shape. She has always been asked about the secret of her perfect figure.

The beautiful actress now reveals some of her secrets on Twitter. Shilpa has been known to give fitness and health tips there and looks like they made her pretty famous on this particular social networking site too.

This morning itself, based on popular demand she tweeted stating, “Go Organic instead of Processed n frozen foods as much as poss (possible). If u still do, read the bak(back) of the pkt(packet) to c(see) the contents..become aware!”

Shilpa who is a complete foodie, claims that she follows a disciplined and a proper diet plan. She works out, meditates and follows a yoga regime to stay in shape. In fact, Shilpa had produced a video of her own named Shilpa’s Yoga back in 2008. The DVD consisted of a 2 hour video wherein Shilpa explained the correct ways to perform yoga aasanas. The suave actress had also featured on the cover of Shape magazine.