Sonakshi Harassed At 26/11 Tribute Event


Yet again another young actress had to undergo a similar incident. Sonakshi Sinha came to attend an event organised by three NGOs in the memory of 26/11 victims at the Gandhi garden near the Mantralaya in South Mumbai. Sonakshi came to the event, sat for an hour and just as she was leaving a large group of people began to follow her. Among those who were her ardent fans, few were there just to create trouble. Sonakshi sensed something ugly and tried to fasten her stride, but the mob followed relentlessly. Some of them started saying, "Idhar dekho naa, humse baat karo naa" as they tried coming close and some touched her on her arm and her shoulder. Their behaviour was disgusting and out-of order.

Sonakshi’s bouncers rushed her out of the place and tucked her in the car that sped away. So shaken was the Dabangg girl that she was in tears when she left. It has to be said that such behaviour and that too at an occasion that demands one’s complete respect and harmony, is completely unacceptable.