Tanushree Asks Rohit To Stay In Limits

Tanushree Datta3

Tanushree Dutta doesn’t like anyone getting over-friendly with her. Nana Patekar found that out on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. And recently, Rohit Roy learned not to cross the line with this Bengali Tigress.

The incident took place on the sets of Apartment, A source present reveals, "Tanushree and Rohit were shooting together. Everything was fine until they were needed for a shot and he called out to her with a, "Let’s go, baby. That’s it." Tanu snapped and told him in icy tones, "Don’t ever address me like that. If you want to call me, use my name. I don’t like these endearments."

Rohit was shocked by this drubbing he recieved in front of the entire unit, "He didn’t like her saying ‘stay in your limits’, which suggested he had behaved indecently, while all he had done was use an endearment.

Complete silence, following her tirade. Rohit, upset at being humilated like this, stormed off from the set and later called the director and requested that he be excused from the shooting for the day."

Says Rohit, "I have nothing to say on this issue!" However Tanushree denies the incident. "I think someone is trying to get publicity out of my name. And no one walks out of director Jagmohan Mundra’s set. He is such an accomplished maker."