Tanushree Says No To Social Networking With Fans

Tanushree Dutta

Everyone in the industry is on some or the other social networking site promoting themselves and their movies, but our bong beauty Tanushree Dutta is one celebrity who is far away from all these. Even though she has a facebook account, she is not in the general searchable category and only when she wants does she add someone or gives out her real account name to close friends.

She maintains that, "I have kept the account active only to keep in touch with my school friends and some friends who are out of the country and even after that I log on very rarely like once in 3 months. There are many fake accounts on that site and all my fans who have added those are being fooled by an imposter."

So we guess her fans will be disappointed to have an imposter in their account for so long and hope she lets her fans know her real account so they can fulfill their wishes to be in touch with her.