Manoj Tiwari Out Of Bigg Boss House


Manoj Tiwari was evicted from the Bigg Boss House on Friday night.

The eviction of Bhojpuri Superstar was little different from all the earlier evictions in the house.
Manoj appeared perplexed when Salman was about to announce the one who had to leave the house. Comparatively, Ashmit Patel, who was also nominated, appeared unruffled and composed.
When Salman asked Manoj to come out of the Bigg Boss House, he said  that even he did not want to stay in the house anymore as he had developed disrespect for all house members due to various reasons.
Manoj only bid goodbye to Seema Parihar and Khali.
While leaving the house in fury, Manoj, when asked by Bigg Boss to nominate two people, took name of Sara Khan and sameer.