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BREAK KE BAAD deals with space issues in a relationship, a much exploited and abused word used a lot in the present-day scenario. Space is almost like a break-up mantra and BREAK KE BAAD explores this concept rather than being a conventional love story. It has that typical Hollywood inspired urban drollness, approach and responsiveness, but what comes across on screen is a poor replication of romance-laden movies that we have enjoyed over the years.

BREAK KE BAAD goes wrong, sorry horribly wrong in its writing. The screenplay is full of glitches, the writing is juvenile, the situations are amateurish and I actually wondered how a shoddy screenplay like the one in BREAK KE BAAD was green-lit and approved in the first place. The intention was to make a cool film for the urban youth, but the writers [screenplay: Renuka Kunzru and Danish Aslam] have messed up and how!

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