Farah : No fight between me and SRK


The film has not come till now but it has been doing the rounds of the galleries of controversy. First there were media reports that said that there has been a split between Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, two of the closest Bollywood buddies.

It is about the movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’ that Farah has done with Akshay Kumar and not SRK. And then spat came a reply from Farah who said that media is just making up the whole issues and that everything is just fine.

And last but not the least came the latest development in which SRK has prevailed over Eros to release their film, ‘Toonpur ka Superhero’ on the same day as the release of Farah’s ‘Tees Marr khan’. Eros is the maker of the animated movie that has come up with a lot of appreciation in the markets and is expected to do well.

In a statement given to media, Farah said, "I don’t think there’s any truth to it". She also refused to accept that SRK is trying to bring out a movie that stands in competition to her own. She said that she could never believe that SRK would come down to such low levels.