Abhishek Gifts Aishwarya The Perfect Diwali Gift

Aishwarya Rai12

As it was in the news a couple of days ago that to rejuvenate herself from the hectic shoot of Raavana , Aishwarya took a day off and has visited an uber exclusive spa centre in Mumbai which is famous for the natural use of products.

Our khabroo did a lot of probing and has found out that Ash got herself pampered with some of the rare beauty oils…which made her skin so beautiful and luminous? So that seems to be the latest beauty mantra one the most beautiful women of the world, apni Ash…

Well, after learning about his wife’s latest pet passion-‘Beauty Oils’ Abhi bhaiyya decided to do something different this Diwali for his loving wife and has gifted her a real exotic beauty oil gift hamper specially orders and flown in from an unknown location, which has some rare and wonderful beauty oils like Patchouli oils, Granium oil and Orange Oil, which is Ash’s favorite.