Akshay Kumar Loses His Temper


Akshay loses his temper, destroys the camera of a person persistently taking his pictures without permission
For all the convenience they offer, most celebrities would agree that cell phones are a nuisance. They have become yet another tool to invade their privacy. Even Akshay Kumar, known to be the most patient man in the industry, lost his temper at a happy snapper outside a five-star hotel on Sunday night.
The incident took place when the actor and his wife Twinkle left the hotel and were stepping into their car. A man stepped forward from the crowd and started taking their pictures on his cell phone.
The actor asked him to stop, as it made his wife uncomfortable, then reprimanded him for not asking permission before taking his pictures. But the man continued to click the star couple, which caused Akki to lose his patience.
An enraged Akshay walked up to the man, snatched his phone from his hand and threw it on the ground, then crushed it to pieces under his foot. Before the stunned cell phone owner could react, the actor got into his car and drove off.