Emraan Hashmi: Tum Mile Is More Real Than Raj-Rahul Cinema


In his 6 years long career so far, Emraan Hashmi is yet to be seen in a conventional Bollywood cinema where the leading man is all correct and proper with a clean heart and no grey shades. Revelling in the kind of roles that he has picked for himself, Emraan has broken quite a few stereotypes and created his own place under the sun. He may still be awaiting his 50 crore hit, something which is pretty much a benchmark for any leading man to break into the top bracket today. However, Emraan is content that he is at least trying not to follow any conventional or tried and tested trends and is giving something new to the audience in each of his films. Emraan gets into a conversation with Joginder Tuteja and explains what makes his films different.

A Bollywood disaster movie – another first for you Emraan?

It’s a misconception that Tum Mile belongs to disaster movie genre. No, it is not. The Mumbai floods disaster is an integral part of the film’s plot, yes. But that doesn’t necessarily make the entire movie revolve around this single thread. There is so much more to Tum Mile. In fact the way I look at the film, it is mainly a love story with a disaster just acting as a catalyst to bring the two characters together. However, never once during the entire sequence of events would you miss the love between these two characters.

From the promos though it appears that it is quite a turbulent relationship between the characters played by you and Soha. Moreover, one can sense that it’s not a sweet, simple and soft romantic hero that we would see in Tum Mile.

Well, if you are looking at a Raj and Rahul cinema here then Tum Mile is obviously not the one. The character I play is also much more real than a Raj or a Rahul that we have been exposed to. Instead of living in palatial mansions, this guy could be someone who lives next door. Tum Mile shows the times and tribulations in his life.