Barbara Mori At A Loss Without Hrithik Roshan

Barbara Mori would have been at a loss during the shooting of Kites had Hrithik Roshan not been around.

Barbara Mori1
On the sets of a movie that tells a love story beyond linguistic and cultural barriers, it was language that bonded Hrithik and Barbara more than anything. But how? You ask! She speaks Mexican Spanish and knows only tooti footi English. He knows English well, but is a greenhorn at Spanish. How could language possibly bind them?
Well, the answer lies with director Anurag Basu who speaks English so rapidly that during the shoots when he explained the scenes to Barbara in English she would not only fail to understand what he said, but would ask him to explain the scene again “in English”. Needless to say, Anurag gave up after some tries and Hrithik had to come to rescue.

The interesting thing is, Barbara understood Hrithik’s English clearly. So every time Anurag explained a scene to Barbara, she, having understood little, if not nothing, would turn to Hrithik for explanation. And he, like a well-bred gentleman gifted with eloquence, would explain the scene to Barbara.
Anurag Basu says instead of explaining the scene again and again to Barbara, he left the job to Hrithik.
And it goes without saying that this role as an interpreter really helped build a rapport between Hrithik and Barbara. Had it not been for him, the Mexican hottie would surely have been at a loss, trying to decipher Anurag’s English.