Sonam-Imran A Cute Pair

Sonam Kapoor3

Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan complement each other alot, this was obvious at a recent magazine launch in Mumbai.

Sonam who is doing her next flick with Imran says, “I think Imran is one of the most beautiful men that i have seen. He’s gorgeous. We are doing Dharma Production’s next. It’s a romantic-comedy, it has a great script.”

Imran said,”I met her for the first time at the premier of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” and then Sonam interrupted him and said,”Can I tell the story please?.”

Imran then said, “Sonam would like to tell you the story. There is no conversation, there is more of a monologue, I am a very good listener.”

To which Sonam said, “That is not true. He just does not shut up.”

However the awesome twosome are mum about the upcoming release Luck and prefer not to brag about it in advance.