John Abraham: I’m Already Married My Bikes

John Abraham4

John, who is quite a favorite in the endorsement circle, was announced as the brand ambassador of Yamaha Motors at a function in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Apart from Yahama, John has also endorsed Castrol Power 1, Fastrack eye gear, Wrangler, Hair Shampoo Clinic All Clear and Samsung cell phones.

Speaking on the occasion, the actor made it clear that he has no desire to marry in near future as he is busy buying bikes. John disclosed that he is already married.

The Bollywood hunk said that he will think about marrying a girl only after he adds four morebikes to his collection.

"I love motorcycles, I am married to them and I have had a honeymoon period with them. I don’t let anyone sit on my bikes or touch them," said the 36-year old actor.

The actor also added that he don’t like her girl-friend Bipasha Basu to sit on his bikes.