Ranbir Wants To Concentrate On His Career

Ranbir Kapoor11

Ranbir Kapoor, after Raajneeti, is the hottest stuff in town, with his natural good looks and overflowing talent. His latest film Rajneeti stunned the audiences and the critics alike. Now he has made a comfy spot for himself as a leading and the most sought after actor of tinsel town.

With his busy life, an endless number of scripts coming his way and few more firmly under his belt, Ranbir Kapoor, is just like any normal lad. He has high aspirations to settle down by the time he is 32, and would also like to have a child by then. But Ranbir, who is currently single and enjoying every moment of it, is very content with his status.

Ranbir Kapoor, who broke up with the very sexy Deepika Padukone after two years of dating, has no regrets and is concentrating fully on his expanding career. He also spends his time hanging out with his buddies and playing the guitar. In short, his life is just perfect at the moment.

Well for a man who looks good and wants to settle down as soon as possible, falling in love, definitely wouldn’t be an issue.