Mere Ghar Aayee Ek Nanhi Pari – Sanjay Dutt

Mere Ghar Aayee Ek Nanhi Pari, Sanjay Dutt Has A Very Special Guest Home For Dinner, Flies By Private Jet To Make It On Time.

Guess who came to the Dutts’ home for dinner last week? It was none other than the Ukranian prime minister the lovely Yulia Tymoshenko’s equally-lovely daughter Yevhenia.

The 29-year old stunner -daughter of the Ukranian PM(who has been voted among the loveliest female politicians of the world) is apparently a huge Dutt fan and wanted to meet him.

Sanjay and Maanyata Dutt invited Yevhenia for dinner to their home in Pali Hill on Thusday 19 February, which happened to be the day the Dutts had to visit Patna with Amar Singh on Shatrughan Sinha’s invitation.

By evening they were still not done with their events in Bihar and the dinner with the special guest was threatened with cancellation.

Says a source close to the Dutts, “There was no way Sanju would disappoint a fan, and that too one who had come to India representing her mother from another country. On top of all this it was Yevhenia’s birthday that evening. Sanju is known to be extremely attentive to his fans.”

Adding to his anxiety was the fact that there was no direct flight from Patna to Mumbai that evening.

Sanjay did the next best thing. He borrowed a friend’s private jet on which Maanyata and he flew back to Mumbai in time for their dinner appointment.

Says the source, “Sanjay and Maanyata gave their dignitary guest an evening she would carry back to the Ukraine for the rest of her life. Since Maanyata couldn’t be home to put together the meal all the food was ordered from the Dutts’ favourite restaurant.”

The guest list was restricted to just close friends of the Dutts: Bunty Walia, Dharam Oberoi, Dutts’ two childhood friends Ajay and Prashant and Abhay Chautala, the son of the former chief minister of Haryana Om Prakash Chautala.

Sweetly enough the lovely girl’s birthday was also celebrated by the Dutts.

Says the source, “A cake had been ordered for Yevhenia to cut. And Maanyata presented her with a beautiful gold necklace. It was a memorable evening which ended very pleasantly for the girl. The next day she spent a few hours on the sets of Sanjay Dutt’s starrer Chatur Singh 2 Star. She wanted to watch Sanju shooting. He not only has a lifelong fan in a very important place in the Ukraine but also raised the ante for Bollywood in that far-off country.”