Barbara Mori Surprised By Brouhaha Over Kiss

Barbara Mori Mexican actress Barbara Mori is surprised that a kiss between a hero and heroine is a big deal in Hindi films.
There was a time when romantic scenes in Hindi films had the hero and zheroine coming close to each other and just when their lips would be inches away from docking…cut…two roses gently meeting. Times have changed today, but the mentality hasn’t. Today, either co-stars don’t kiss; but if they do, it becomes a headline for tabloids. Barbara, who comes from a culture where kisses are as common as handshakes, is quite surprised by all the hype surrounding kisses in Hindi films.
“In most films they don’t kiss, they just come together but at the last moment it stops. I was always left wondering why they stopped,” Mori expressed her surprise while speaking to a news channel.

Incidentally, the actress has been making a lot of news in India over suggesting co-star Hrithik Roshan to kiss her on the lips in a crucial scene in Kites , while the original scene had just a peck on the cheek.
Hrithik, on his part, says he has developed genuine love and respect for Barbara after working with her in ‘Kites’.
“We have a fabulous working relationship. I have genuine love and respect for Barbara. She has become very close to our family. If it was not for her, we would have not been able to accomplish the kind of film we have,” said Hrithik
‘Kites’ is a turbulent, sensuous love story between an Indian salsa dancer and a Mexican girl. Kangana Ranaut adds a third angle to the love story.