Deepika Padukone Kareena Kapoor War Has Just Intensified

Kareena Kapoor4

The Deepika Padukone-Kareena Kapoor war has just intensified even more now. According to sources, the duo were both present at the premiere screening of Love Aaj Kal in Delhi with Saif Ali Khan. However, supposedly Padukone chose to stay clear of Kapoor and instead indulged in much chatter with beau Ranbir Kapoor’s father Rishi Kapoor, who also is a part of the film.
However, Deepika who flew out of Delhi to London for an event associated with the film was quick to clarify that nothing of the sort happened at the premiere, "We were all in Delhi together, all of us … Saif, Kareena, Imtiaz, Giselle Monteiro, Rishiji and me. And we had so much fun. I don’t know where these stories of friction come from." She additionally went on to add that although she and the Kapoor clan, i.e. Rishi and Neetu, do not get to mingle as much as they’d like to, the do share warm vibes with one another. "It’s sad I didn’t have too many scenes with Rishiji during the shooting of Love Aaj Kal," she went on to say. Furthermore, she claimed that this was the most time she has spent with Rishi Kapoor ever. But also said, "And we have absolutely no problems getting along. It makes exciting copy to say we don’t get along. But that’s not the truth."