Katrina Kaif could be dangerous! Watch out!


Katrina Kaif9

Katrina Kaif is doubtlessly beautiful and sexy. But searching for her on the Internet could be dangerous.
That’s not us claiming, but a report titled ‘The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms’ released by computer security provider McAfee Inc.
According to the report, ‘Katrina Kaif’ is one of the most dangerous online search words in India. Browsers searching for queries related to her name can come up with results that may have links to malicious software.

And given the fact that Katrina is one of the most searched celebs in Bollywood, the threat is all the more aggravated.
The McAfee reports says the search word Katrina Kaif has a maximum risk percentage of 28.6, meaning that a net user might encounter 28.6 percent of risky websites on a single page of the search results.
In fact, the report labels ‘Katrina Kaif’ as more dangerous search keyword than ‘Wapstick,’ which is a popular website for free downloads.
Among Indian actresses, Namitha is another celeb whose name figures among the high-risk keywords.
So be cautious next time you search for these hotties on the net. You might end up with a hung, if not infected, computer.