Katrina Kaif On Stage With Akon At The Last Minute

Katrina Kaif5

We all thought it was Shilpa Shetty who was going to dance with Akon at the IPL finals. Shilpa had even put it on her blog. And later had to change the information.

Shilpa says she didn’t get time to rehearse for her performance with Akon. But neither did Katrina who finally went on stage with Akon totally unprepared.

Yes, finally it was the  feisty and in-demand Katrina Kaif who joined the R & B legend for the Finals. What was supposed  to be a quick entry and exit with Akon on stage to blow kisses at the  crowds turned out to be  a  good ten minutes of hip and hop dancing with   one of Katrina’s favourite pop artistes.

Katrina Kaif danced with the American R & B wizard Akon on Sunday night in South Africa…totally unrehearsed. And she isn’t in a hurry to forget the experience.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen!” the actress was still in a daze the morning after the  event. “I mean I was supposed to dance to Jai ho with Shiamak Davar. That’s it. I was just supposed to pop up on the stage for the finale to say hello to the crowds.”

Minutes before it was supposed to happen Katrina was told she had to dance with Akon on stage.

“I was like….zapped! Not only because I was totally not prepared for it. But also because  I’m the biggest Akon fan. Just sharing the stage with him would’ve been a dream come true. And there I was dancing with him for a good ten minutes. It was an exhilarating experience, specially since I was representing my country. Ya, it felt good.”

And to think she didn’t even know Akon minutes before she went on stage with him. “We were introduced seconds before we went on stage together. As we ran to the stage he asked me what we’ll do for the audience. I was numb….and clueless. For ten minutes we just improvised and did what we wanted to. Finally it turned out right.”

Katrina is surprised to know Shilpa was supposed to share stage space with Akon. “I’ve no  idea of this. As far as I know  the programme was decided and announced in Bombay Times   two weeks before the  event. And no one else was on with Akon. Like I said, even I was not  supposed to dance with him.”

Earlier during the evening Katrina danced to A R Rahman’s anthem Jai ho. “That, I was fully  prepared to do. And thanks to Shiamak Davar I did it well. But being on stage with Akon was completely not part of  the plan. I guess this is known as wish-fulfilment. I’ve recently started enjoying myself on stage. And I think on Sunday evening that enjoyment connected with the audience.”