Preity Becomes A Marriage Maker

No, it’s not a new role she is going to play in her next film. But In real life Preity Zinta turned out as a marriage maker as she was the one behind to bring together actress Eesha Koppikhar and her boyfriend Timmy Narang. The couple is soon going to wed.

It’s time on the sets of Har Pal, where Preity and Eesha became good friends. At the time Preity thought that Eesha and Timmy is a perfect match. Eesha confesses that it was Preity who played an instrumental role for getting them together.

To do this Preity told some good things about Timmy to Eesha and vice verse, but never disclosed his name.

“She tried to make us meet several times, but it never worked out,” said Koppikhar.

Eesha later added, “But once, Timmy and I casually met at a party and hit it off immediately. We started dating, without quite knowing that Preity was actually trying to get the two of us together! When I met Preity again, I found out that the ‘guy’ she used to talk to me about was Timmy!”

Uh! Quite a filmy story, isn’t it?

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