Preity Don’t Mind To Speak Her Mind

Actress Preity Zinta is well known for her style of speaking her mind. Recently she displayed the same style when she was addressing press for promotion of her upcoming film.

It was a question asked to Ravi Chopra that what made him invest in Deepa Mehta’s film when her last film Water didn’t do well at the box office. On that question Preity quickly took the mike and said that the question was an “extreme rude” one. She later questioned back at the press that “Are you presuming that the upcoming movie will not do well in

There are rumours that director Deepa Mehta is also not happy with Preity’s talks. Well don’t know whether the film will do like Water or not, but it must have same topic of difference in sensibilities between Indians and the vedeshis.


Preity Zinta