Priyanka Chopra: It’s Tough To Play A Simple, Beautiful Girl

Priyanka Chopra10

She is smart, glamorous and one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood, but Priyanka Chopra says it was difficult for her to portray a simple, beautiful girl in forthcoming film “Pyaar Impossible” and still try to hold the interest of audiences.

“When you do characters like one in ‘Aitraaz’, ‘Fashion’ or ‘Kaminey’, there are certain peripheries. For example, Sweety in ‘Kaminey’ won’t be able to speak English or she won’t wear jeans and top. They are also difficult, but the boundaries help. When I am playing a simple beautiful looking girl, how do I get your interest?” Priyanka said.

“Heroines ought to look beautiful, it’s their work. We look pretty, we wear great clothes but that’s our job. But how do I make you feel for her? That’s why these films are more difficult,” Priyanka, who has teamed up with Uday Chopra in the film, told IANS.

Written and produced by Uday, “Pyaar Impossible” is a romantic tale about a beauty and a geek. Directed by Jugal Hansraj, it shows how fate brings Uday and Priyanka come together and love blooms amidst all odds.

Talking about her character in “Pyaar Impossible”, Priyanka said: “I play Alisha who works in a software company. She has always been a popular girl, fun loving and one who loves life. But at a young age she has to take a lot of responsibilities and she finds it difficult to manage and her life becomes chaotic,” said Priyanka.