What’s common to Rani and Tina Munim

If there were an award to be handed out for the most maligned person in the industry, there would be a lot of contenders. But one person who could win this award hands down is Rani Mukerji. So much is being written and said about her, especially in the light of her upcoming release Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. While some people are busy denouncing her as a harridan others portray her as a victim.

Rani of course is maintaining a stoic silence. Is it all a ploy? After all, people do empathise with martyrs. Or is it a long-term shrewd strategy to hook the biggest badshah of Bollwood, Aditya Chopra. And Rani is not a trendsetter. The older generation of filmgoers would recollect Tina Munim had followed a very similar strategy when she got involved with Anil Ambani. Well, look at where Madam Tina Munim is today.