5 Shows To Watch Next If You Loved Bodkin On Netflix

5 Shows to Watch Next if You Loved Bodkin on Netflix
5 Shows to Watch Next if You Loved Bodkin on Netflix ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Bodkin on Netflix has become hugely popular with people digging this light-hearted crime thriller featuring the trio consisting of a podcaster named Gilbert, his assistant Emmy, and an investigative journalist named Dove. The three arrive at the fictional Irish town Bodkin to investigate the disappearance of three people that happened almost two decades back. As the investigation deepens, much buried information emerges before the show heads to a dramatic finale. If you thoroughly enjoyed watching Bodkin and want to binge on similar shows, here’s a list of 4 shows for you to watch next.

Only Murders in the Building

This one is the obvious first choice because of certain similarities between the two shows. Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building is set in a posh NYC apartment and follows a trio of unlikely friends who are also into podcasting. When there’s a murder in their apartment, the three main characters, Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) form a unique bond and try to solve the case. As the show progresses, it does not remain limited to being a murder mystery. It delves deep into the lives of the involved characters and becomes an absolute delight to watch.

Mare of Easttown

Headed by the brilliant Kate Winslet as the titular character, Mare, HBO’s Mare of Easttown is one of the best shows to combine a police procedural with the themes of loss, grief, and family trauma. The tone is not very light throughout the show, but there are genuine, tender moments that keep the show balanced. Set in a fictional Philadelphia town, the story follows Mare trying to solve the murder of a teenage mother while trying to get a grip on her own life. There had also been a disappearance of a teenage girl a year back, which remains unsolved, making the locals question Mare’s detective skills. As the story progresses, one case gets intertwined with the other, and dark secrets come up. With brilliant performances from each one of the actors and a very tight storyline, this one is bound to keep you engaged from the beginning to the end.

After Party

Apple TV’s After Party is another light-hearted murder mystery you will enjoy if you liked Bodkin. The story focuses on a group of high school friends who gather for a reunion. Things go fine till one of them is murdered. What makes the show interesting is the way each of the characters recounts the events of the night. Someone tells it in an animated movie format, and someone else describes the events in an action movie format. It’s visually brilliant to watch, and because of the well-written plot, viewers are bound to be engaged throughout the series.


Thematically similar to Bodkin in some aspects, Deadlocah is another dark crime thriller set in the fictional town of Tasmania. The show follows an unlikely pair of detectives trying to solve a crime that consists of a dead body turning up on the shore. The unconventional Eddie Redcliffe relocates from Darwin to this town to pair up with Senior Sergeant Dulcie Collins, a seasoned and meticulous investor who likes to work by the rules. These two characters essentially clash, resulting in a bitingly funny investigation that keeps you glued to the screen.

Poker Face

Peacock’s Poker Face follows Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne), a casino worker with a strange ability to detect lies. Being witness to a suspicious murder in the first episode, Charlie has to keep running. Each episode of this show deals with a fresh mystery that Charlie has to solve with the help of her unique abilities. The central character is funny and deadpan, and the plot is quite tight, with the mysteries having enough twists to keep the audience hooked. The show is similar to Bodkin in terms of the setting (a small town) and the charismatic protagonist. Moreover, one twist that works in favor of the show is that it reverses the who-done-it formula; here, the audience knows from the beginning about the culprit, and it is the process of how the culprit is caught is that keeps the mystery going.

While all of the shows listed above might not be completely similar to Bodkin in every aspect, they do share thematic similarities in most cases. The setting is mostly small towns, and the mysteries generally unearth long-buried secrets in those lands. These shows, with their strong and complicated protagonists, elevate the shows beyond being simple murder mysteries, and that’s what keeps the audience engaged. With their dark and deadpan humor, these shows are the perfect ones to binge-watch once you are done with Bodkin!

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