Dolly Bindra’s Hubby Doesn’t Watch Bigg Boss


Dolly Bindra has been creating hullabaloo in Bigg Boss house but her husband Kaizaad Kermani claims he doesn’t watch the reality show!

"I have barely seen it and prefer to keep myself away from all this. But I do get updates from people and via email about the happenings.

Of late, I have been spending a lot of time in Malaysia," says Kaizad who runs a Bollywood event management company, Starz &Showz.

Kaizaad also said that he and Dolly are extremely closed to the host and Bollywood actor Salman Khan and if he needs any updates about the show, he gets it from Salman,

"If I need to know anything about the show, I just call Salman," he says.

According to him Bigg Boss is a game and like any game, which you play for money, the stakes are high and you have to go all out. "The contestants are playing for money and so is Dolly."

He said it was totally his wife’s decision to take part in the reality show. Speaking about personal attacks, he said, "If you keep 10-12 people in a small space with no stepping out, what can you expect?. Even in Big Brother, the happenings get really ugly."