Govinda And David Dhawan Are Friends Again: “We Don’t Want To Rake Up The Past”

If one had to list the most successful director-actor collaborations in Bollywood over the years, Govinda and David Dhawan would be right on top. The actor and director have worked together on numerous films such as Hero No.1, Coolie No.1, Raja Babu, Partner and Deewana Mastana that have attained cult status over the years. However, their collaborations came to an abrupt halt after a rift several years ago. So, when the two were seen interacting at filmmaker Ramesh Taurani’s recent Diwali party, it made headlines. Speaking about the same with the Bombay Times, Govinda said, “I am glad people still feel that we should work together. Yeh unka pyaar hai [This is their love]. Our patch-up had already happened.” 

Speaking about their recent interaction during Diwali, Govinda said, “This was our second meeting. It was a Diwali bash where we ate good food and had a great time. We don’t believe in raking up the past. Why mull over it? That’s not necessary. Let bygones be bygones. Filmy talk wasn’t a priority, but when that happened,  we only spoke about the happy memories and those were plenty.”

Govinda also shared that this was the first “film party” that he had attended in nearly 20 years.  “Ramesh Taurani is a good person. Over the years, Bollywood parties have become these group parties, and if you don’t belong to a certain group (camp), you aren’t invited. If you are not seen at these parties, it is assumed that you aren’t social, which is wrong. I am not anti-social at all, and I don’t believe in groups,” the star said.

Speaking about his friends, Govinda added, “Back then, people used to say Govinda, Shakti Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and David Dhawan are a group. I didn’t agree with that chat either. We are all artists who worked together.”

David Dhawan and Govinda have worked together in 17 films. In 2017, when they were rumoured to be in the midst of a fall-out, David Dhawan was asked if he would be agreeable to work with the actor for the 18th time. To this, IANS quoted the filmmaker as saying, “Why not, sure… Yes, Govinda and I have created history in cinema. Govinda has been different, that’s it.”

On the work front, Govinda was last seen in the 2019 film Rangeela Raja. Meanwhile, David Dhawan directed the 2020 film Coolie No.1 featuring his son Varun Dhawan. The film is a remake of the eponymous 1995 film headlined by Govinda.