Nikki Glaser Reveals Reason Kim Kardashian Was Booed At Tom Brady’s Comedy Roast: “Everyone Was So Riled Up”

Niki Glaser Reveals THIS Is Why Kim Kardashian Was Booed at Tom Brady's Comedy Roast
Niki Glaser Reveals Reason Kim Kardashian Was Booed ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Comedian Nikki Glaser is finally setting the record straight on the Kim Kardashian Boos heard around the world. Providing a context to one of the most cringe-inducing moments of Tom Brady Comedy Roast special on Netflix, Glaser revealed the swifties were not to blame for the reality star’s embarrassing moment on stage.

On May 9, Kim Kardashian was booed by the whole arena after she got on Stage for the Tom Brady roast. As the reality star was recently embroiled in a Taylor Swift feud with the letter accusing her of perpetuating her takedown a few years ago, fans assumed the boos were a result of the ongoing beef.

However, one of the roast performers, Nikki Glaser defended the swifties, revealing the real reason Kim was briefly heckled on stage. During an appearance at the ‘Skinny But Not Fat’ podcast, the comedian confirmed that a male comedian among the guests was the one who started the boos that eventually set off the whole room.

While Nikki Glaser did not identify the male comedian responsible for the incident, she said he had a penchant for stirring up trouble at public events. Nikki Glaser said the comedian, who was inebriated, began to boo as a joke, and everyone in the room took his lead, triggering a chorus in the room.

Nikki Glaser said, “Apparently, he started the book as just, like, a joke. He just had too many drinks or something, and he is not affiliated with Swifties or anything and just felt like saying boo to the air, and apparently everyone was so riled up. It just kinda caught wind, but it wasn’t Swiftie-meditated.”

Galser added “The guy started it started it as a joke, and it caught on too much, but I was so glad to learn it was not Swiftie-meditate.”

Nikki Glaser also defended Kim Kardashian against the hate and revealed the reality star reached out to her after the roast and praised her performance. After her performance, Glaser received a standing ovulation from her peers and the audience.

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