Saif-Vivek In Trouble

Saif Ali Khan6

Saif Ali Khan and Vivek Oberoi ran into trouble with some policemen while shooting for Rensil D’Silva’s film Qurbaan in New York. Both the actors were almost arrested while shooting for the film.

A source said, "Vivek and Saif were shooting in a hilly region in New York. It was a scene where both the actors had to drive a car and the camera was placed quite far as it was a long shot. The actors kept driving for a long time as they were required to give various takes as the scene was being shot from several angles. However, the locals, who had no clue that a film shoot was on, started getting suspicious when they saw the two Indians driving around aimlessly. They wasted no time in calling the cops who immediately came and started questioning Vivek and Saif."

Vivek and Saif told the policemen they were actors from India and were shooting for a film. However, the cops refused to believe them. Much to the frustration of the two actors, the cops flatly refused to believe that a shooting was on as there was no crew member or camera nearby.

"Even though the production team saw what was happening on their monitors, and one of them immediately rushed to help, it took him a good 10 minutes before he could reach the actors. By then the cops had almost arrested them on suspicion and were all set to take them to the police station. However, the unit member rescued the actors in the nick of time. The cops only let them go after all the necessary documents were shown," added the source.