FINALLY, Sanju Gives Dates To Suniel

Sanjay Dutt1

Now that elections are over, our very own Sanjubaba has finally come down to mother earth. He’s now back to his cinematic commitments. And Suniel Shetty just couldn’t thank his stars enough for that. Dutt has promised to give good friend Suniel all the dates he requires as soon as possible.

A little birdie tells me, "After elections Sanjay has started giving dates to the films which are pending (obviously because of his political stint). Sanjay has already started shooting for All The Best. He has also confirmed his dates with Suniel for Mukti. He will start shooting for this film very soon."

Better late than never, I say! Ever since Dutt had started thinking of politics, his filmmakers had to bear the brunt of it. He had been delaying all the projects like forever now. First it was Rahul Dholakia’s Lamhaa then Rohit Shetty’s All The Best and then K Sera Sera’s Mukti. Apparently Mukti is complete except for of course Sanjay’s portions. The makers were even keen on replacing the actor. But then Suniel stood up for his friend and refused to shoot without Sanjubaba.

Well, looks like it’s about time Sanjubaba showed his gratitude!